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Difference between Deep Tissues Massage and Therapeutic Massage at Healthy Being Wellness Center in St. Petersburg Florida

Are you looking for a therapeutic massage or a deep tissue massage in St. Petersburg?

Every day we receive calls from massage customers seeking massage services but are not quite sure which is appropriate for them.  I thought I'd share with you a few massage services and how to know which one will help you address your goal of pain relief, relaxation, tension reduction and optimum healing.

There are several different types of therapeutic massage in addition to deep tissue massage, such as:

Many therapists will use a combination of techniques depending on what your body needs. In addition, therapists will often take additional classes in different techniques

 Different Types of Massage Services at Healthy Being Wellness Center

Relaxation or Swedish Massage: Use of 5 basic massage strokes: petrissage, effleurage, compression, friction and percussion along with joint mobilization. 
Swedish Massage stimulates the skin and nervous system while at the same time relaxing the nerves themselves. As it can help reduce emotional and physical stress it is often recommended as part of a regular program for stress management. It also has specific clinical uses in a medical or remedial therapy.
Neuromuscular Massage:  Uses advanced concepts in pressure therapy to break the stress-tension-pain cycle. It aims to relax muscle so that circulation can increase and the body will return to normal neuromuscular integrity and balance.
Deep Tissue: releases chronic patterns of tension through deep pressure on contracted areas. It focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. Deep tissue massage is great at breaking down scar tissue and getting your blood circulating, but it may not be what you need on a particular day. A good therapist will apply the specific techniques and the right amount of pressure to address your need, and sometimes that’s a lighter touch.
Therapeutic Massage:  Therapeutic massage is a general term that describes any type of massage modality that helps relieve pain, reduce stress, and work on a specific problem—such as a frozen shoulder. People tend to assume therapeutic massage means deep tissue massage, and that they will get a very strong massage. But this is not always the case.
Myofascial Release: This specialized therapy evaluates and treats restrictions in the body's contractile connective tissues (muscles) and non-contractile supportive connective tissues (fascia) by the application of gentle traction, pressures and positioning. Fascia is a complex supportive web throughout the body affecting all components of the musculoskeletal, nervous and visceral (organ) systems. It surrounds groups of muscle fibers, and entire muscle groups and organs.
Myofascial release techniques are used to coax muscles in spasm to relax, and break adhesions in the fascia. Bodies respond to these therapies by releasing tension that has been stored in the fascia, thus allowing more functional flexibility and mobility of the muscles, fascia and associated structures.
Trigger Point Therapy: Applies concentrated finger pressure to “trigger points” or painful irritated areas in muscles too break the pain-spasm-pain cycle and restore circulation. These are pain-relief techniques to alleviate muscle spasms and cramping. The therapist locates and deactivates `trigger points', which are often tender areas where muscles have been damaged or acquired a re-occurring spasm or `kink' that worsens painfully when aggravated. 
The major goals are to reduce spasm inducing new blood flow into the affected area. The spasms are partly maintained by nervous system feedback (pain-spasm-pain) cycle. Spasms also physically reduce blood flow to the trigger point area (ischemia), reducing oxygen supplied to the tissues and increasing the spasm. Pressure is applied to trigger points, for a short time (between about 7 to 10 seconds per point), which can be momentarily painful but is greatly relieving. 
People with acute or chronic muscle tension and the associated pain are likely to benefit greatly from trigger point massage treatment.
Pregnancy Massage: A pregnant woman can enjoy several benefits from this type of massage. For starters, it can help them relax during a time where stress can cause them more harm than usual. It can also provide relief of cramps, muscular discomfort and pain in the joints.
Walking around with the added weight from a pregnancy can irritate knees, hips and the lower back, so massage therapy can make it easier for a woman to get around and handle the extra weight. It can also reduce swelling common during pregnancy.

The healthier a mother-to-be remains throughout the pregnancy, the less likely she is to have intense labor pain. There are different types of massage therapy for many different situations, but pregnancy massage techniques are very specific for the safety of mother and child.
Craniosacral Massage: A gentle, non-invasive manipulative technique, this therapy encourages your own natural mechanisms to improve the functioning of your brain and spinal cord to dissipate the negative effects of stress, promote good health, and enhance resistance to disease.
Acupressure: System of finger pressure massage based on Oriental healing concepts which treat points along energy lines or meridians in order to release blockages and allow energy to flow freely.
Hot Stone Massage: This massage incorporates warmed basalt stones that improves the circulation of the nervous system and it will help relax the muscles especially the tired and stressful muscles you have from work. It is very soothing because the heat from the stones will transport through the key points of your body to help in proper circulation of the blood.

Sports Massage: Sports massage has different forms depending on the intention for the work. Pre-event is a warm-up to prepare athlete for event. Post-event provides a cool down – return body to homeostasis and speed recovery time.

One of the main uses of sports massage is to make sure muscles do not tighten up or form knots. Knots in muscle can lead to pulls, strains and tears, and obviously pain and discomfort. By keeping muscles relaxed before competition you can avoid injuries during an event. Post-event massage will help to prevent muscles from tightening, causing pain and being unable to compete later.
During training, treatment allows one to maintain extensive workouts and training regimens while minimizing discomfort and risk of injury. And when it comes to rehabilitation of injuries, sports massage helps with range of motion, inflammation and circulation, similar to some other types of massage.

Sports massage has become a major part of professional athletics these days, in everything from Baseball to Mixed Martial Arts. In fact, athletes in combat and other sports that require repetitive motion in either training or competition are perfect candidates for sports massage, even non-professional athletes. One of our more famous sports massage clients is pro-tennis athlete, Serena Williams.
Thai Yoga Massage: A form of bodywork which combines a series of assisted stretching, assisted Yoga poses, compression, rocking and point work along energy lines. It is performed fully clothed on the floor on a matt.
Lymphatic Drainage Massage: Lymphatic massage is used to help bolster the immune system, cleanse the body of toxins and maintain healthy muscle and skin tissue. The lymphatic system works with other parts of the human body to handle waste removal on a cellular level.  The flow of lymph in the human body can experience blockages. When this happens, skin can dry out and tissue does not receive the proper nutrients. Lymphatic massage is a specific technique designed to increase circulation and the flow of lymph. As a result, waste removal is more efficient and tissue receives more fluids and nutrients.

By eliminating these blockages, one can avoid dry and damaged skin and weakened muscle tissue. Also, since the lymphatic system affects the human body's immune system, lymphatic massage can reduce the frequency of colds, joint aches, fatigue, arthritis, acne and many other ailments by helping to remove toxins from the body.
Lymphatic and other types of massage therapy are often used for pregnant women, cancer patients and people with already weakened immune systems to avoid infections or illness.
Reiki: A form of energy work where hands are held over energy centers of the body with the intention for healing to occur where needed. 

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Most of our clients are interested in deep tissue massage, and that makes sense because it is a great way to manage pain. Deep tissue massage—as well as the other therapeutic massage methods—can give you a lot of relief from chronic pain. Many of our clients come in for frozen shoulder treatment and neck pain—two side effects of working on computers all day.

Deep Tissue Side Effects

Many people want to know what the side effects of deep tissue massage are. That’s a great question, and it varies from person to person—and it can even vary for you depending on what’s going on in your body the day you get a massage. Typically, people may feel more muscle soreness for a day or two after the massage, especially if the therapist gives you a strong massage. A deep tissue massage shouldn’t cause horrible pain—and if it does you need to tell your therapist you need less pressure. However, if they’ve been working your muscles, you will probably feel it as the toxins leave your body.

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