Friday, September 14, 2012

Hormone Imbalance and Weight Loss: Top 4 Reasons Why You Cannot Lose Weight

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I've studied hormones and been exposed to an assortment of protocols, studies and research that I'd like to sum up for you today into one effective way to maximize weight loss and fat burn.

There seems to be an epidemic of individuals suffering from hormonal imbalance related weight gain.  So many of my clients are heart broken by their regimented dietary programs, extreme work out and weight training regimens and strict caloric monitoring.  All of which, has no real impact on balancing their internal physiological and chemical structure that leads to real weight loss.

Weekly, I work with numerous men, women, elders and teens who are all seeking the same goal: weight loss, fat burn and improved health and mental wellness.  For these clients, I implement a four tier process that addresses the hormones behind their body's inability to metabolize fat.  Plain and simple, I help their bodies achieve optimal balance by balancing the key hormones that are either in abundance or a deficit. 

Our own biochemistry is imbalanced and the only way to address weight loss is to address the biochemistry.  It's not an easy task and as I tell my clients, patience and tolerance of one's own body is necessary.   Our biochemistry is out of balance because of our stress levels (which we can control), our SAD diets which yield mineral and micronutrient deficiencies (which we can control) and not getting enough sleep or exercise (which we can control).

Knowing we can control our body's chemistry and make positive, lasting changes is the first real positive step towards weight loss.

The top 4 reasons individuals cannot lose weight are:

1. Adiponectin levels are low (helps burn body fat)
2. Ghrelin levels are high (drives hunger and crazing for sweets & fats)
3. Insulin Imbalance (excess glucose => less effective at lowering blood sugar)
4. High Cortisol Levels (stress hormone)

Top 3 things you can do TODAY to begin a weight loss program:

1. Add magnesium to your diet or start eating pumpkin seeds, juicing with kale and spinach can help increase your own body's adiponectin levels.

2. Sleeping a minimum of 8 hours a night will help decrease ghrelin

3.Drink 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar before a high carb meal.  ACV help to balance glucose levels just as effective as pharma drugs.

Testing your cortisol levels is also necessary.  A simple saliva test is recommended over a 12 hour span of time.  Taking a salive sample upon rising, at lunch time, dinner time and just before bedtime.  This can tell us a lot about the impact of cortisol levels and address the function of your adrenal glands.  Often individuals present with adrenal fatigue or low, inactive adrenals.

If you are looking for a more indepth weight loss program, please consider working with an expert who can help you balance the root cause of your hormone imbalances.  A local Naturopathic Physician, Doctor of Oriental Medicine or Acupuncture physician can help. 

If you would like to work with me specifically on the protocol that has proven to work with my clients, let's set up an initial phone consultation.  I work with clients all around the US and world and love helping tweak a few things that will make  your body chemistry work with you and not against you. An hour of your time will get us off to a good start.

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