Thursday, September 13, 2012

Therapy Pup in Training at Healthy Being Wellness Center

Healthy Being Wellness Center as a new member to the team... a four legged, fur baby with the talent, skills and nature of a healing Therapy Dog.

I'm beyond excited to introduce our community to an amazing little pup who I've adopted as her forever mom. Mizuki, a 9 week old basset hound / great pyreneese mix, will be joining the Healthy Being team to provide a calm, relaxing and puppy breath inspired kisses to all who enter our doors for relaxation and healing.

As Mizuki's forever mom and Healthy Being Wellness Center owner I felt there was a missing piece to our family.  Personally, I've gone through a few changes that have allowed time and space to adopt a sweet pup and wanted to have a dog that would not only change my life for the better by providing some much needed unconditional love - I intuitively felt the special pup who found their way into my home would have a greater mission of healing.

Mizuki's foster mom at Homeless Hounds in Brooksville, Fl, described this pup as a mellow, sweet and gentle soul who had a heart for therapy training.  At 8 weeks she was already training her and grooming her to be a therapy dog. 

Well, I have to say- I have adopted the most gentle, loving little soul.  Mizuki was adopted on August 31st - and is named for this special day, the day of the Blue Moon.  In Japanese her name means "Beautiful Moon" and it also has a second meaning "congratulations and hope."  Her name is just a foreshadowing of the amazing healing power this little pup possesses.

Already, she has begun her socialization and training at the center.  She's presently getting acquainted with our regular clients and the amount of people coming in and out for massage services, facials, hypnotherapy, lymphatic therapy and other healing services.  She has a calming nature and is going to be a great, calming resource for many of our clients who find themselves frustrated, stressed, lonely and upset and will be a force that will provide a little relief and lots of unconditional love and attention that will prepare them even more for the treatments they seek.

Studies show that human-pet interaction actually lowers heart rate and blood pressure. A therapy dog is one who is trained to allow people it doesn’t know to make physical contact with it in hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, and doctors’ offices. The main reason for using dogs for therapy is to create interaction between people and the dog. When successful, therapy dogs can lift the spirits of those who are under medical care.

Mizuki will also have a "Mizuki says" monthly column on our e-newsletter to clients with natural pet health tips and will be featured weekly on our facebook page with healing tips and suggestions as an observer at the center. 

If you are in the area, please pop by and say "Hi" to Mizuki. She's armed with kisses and tail wagging and is excited to meet you.

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