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Healthy Being Wellness Center is St Petersburg, FL's Best Affordable Massage & Holistic Day Spa Therapist Specializing in Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Relaxation Massage, Head Massage, Scalp Massage, Foot Reflexology and Pregnancy Massage

Massage therapy is essential in reducing stress, easing sore muscles or chronic pain, boosting immunity, and much more. Many people consider massage to be a vital part of their well-being.
We have over 10 full time, licensed and certified massage therapists work to meet your specific needs, whatever they may be. Massage can be gentle and relaxing or deep and invigorating. We encourage you to discuss your exact needs with your massage therapist so that you may enjoy the perfect massage for YOU. Your body will truly thank you!

Healthy Being Signature Massage
 This specialty massage is BLISS at it's utmost.  The massage incorporates deep tissue techniques to work out stressed muscles, reflexology to heal and hot stone massage to calm sore bodies.  Enjoy a warmed armatherapy eye pack suited to meet your needs.  A must have for those needing pampering!

50 minute session  $85

Deep Tissue Massage    
Deep tissue massage is a therapeutic form of massage that focuses on all layers of muscles and connective tissue from superficial to deepest. The therapist will use slower, stronger strokes and techniques that will penetrate deep into muscles and tissue.  This type of massage is a deep treatment for those who have found that other massages only scratch the surface.  This is not a full body treatment because of the detail and depth involved, so you choose the areas of concentration.

50 minute session     
80 minute session  $110

Therapeutic Massage    
An invigorating massage that flushes muscles of accumulated toxins, alleviates stiffness and stimulates circulation to replenish your muscles and skin with oxygen rich nutrients.  All treatments are individually tailored and, depending upon the therapist and your needs, may include techniques from:  Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage, Classic Swedish Massage, Esalen Style Massage, Shiatsu, Trigger Point & Neuromuscular Therapy.

50 minute session      $70
80 minute session      $105

Head Massage Deluxe
Every extremity receives attention with this combination session.  Enjoy a relaxing and invigorating head amssage combined with an herbal hot oil scalp treatment, as well as a luxurious hand and foot paraffin wax treatment with massage to nourish and moisturize dry skin.

50 minute session      $80

Foot Reflexology    
Did you know that there are more than 7,200 nerve endings in your feet?  Reflexology will target much of these as we massage and melt away your troubles through such strokes as the "spinal twist" along inside of your feet and the lung press into the ball of your foot. You'll have happy feet in no time!  Reflexology also known as Trigger Point Massage is the art and science of working specific reflex areas on feet to relax and relieve stress and pain in the body.

20 minute session      $30
50 minute session      $65

Cranial Structure Release
Gentle treatment in which the head is held in a series of positions to correct postural distortions.  Many people report feeling very relaxed after this treatment.  Positive effects are increased; height,structural alighnment and enhanced emotional wellbeing. 

50 minute session    $85

Neuromuscular Massage    
This treatment uses the Kured(TM) method, a pain free treatment using gentle glides and vibrational touch to the neck legs and back.  This method alleviates the symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia and any central nervous system disorders.
The specific protocol is effective with 2 treatments a week, for 5 weeks.
30 minute session    $45
10 session package   $399

Traditional Sports Massage    
This therapeutic treatment involves stretching, rocking and a circulatory massage to move lactic acid out of the muscles tissue, with the most possible deep tissue work.  This massage addresses specific muscular needs and tends to appeal to people with sore muscles, or limited range of motion.  Recommended in a series of six for best results. 

50 minute session      $70

Pregnancy or Postpartum Massage    
This relaxing and nurturing massage is a treat for both you and your baby.  Before the new arrival, experience a special massage focusing on hip and back pain.  After the new arrival, let all tensions dissipate with every soothing stroke of our postpartum massage.  Relax at this special time when your body needs extra care and nurturing.  Our certified therapists use special equipment that will accommodate your changing body. Focusing gently on areas of discomfort, such as lower back, swollen ankles and joints, this massage helps decrease water retention and improves circulation while relieving sore muscles.

*Doctor's notification and approval recommended.  ( we like to see women after 13 weeks)

50 minute session      $60
80 minute session     $90

Hot Stone Massage  
Feel your stress melt away as your therapist lays steaming, polished river rocks, rich in nourishing mineral content, along your back. Gentle strokes leave you feeling totally renewed, releasing any tension or pain. The hot stones promote deep relaxation, leaving you renewed and rejuvenated.  The therapist places heated stones on your body in time with your deep breathing.  Massage oil is applied and the rest of the treatment is performed with stones held in the therapist’s hands.  Long slow, gliding strokes, with medium to deep pressure are used.

50 minute session      $70
80 minute session      $105

Swedish Relaxation Massage    
Feel revitalized from head to toe. This traditional, Swedish-based massage employs vigorous muscle work. Your therapist combines long, flowing strokes known as effleurage along with kneading techniques to alleviate muscle soreness and stimulate circulation. This massage can be customized according to your individual needs.  This full body massage can be done lightly or firmly, as desired, but is not muscle specific.  

20 minute session    $30
50 minute session     $60
80 minute session     $90

 Couples Massage 
Tranquility for two.  Share this massage with a loved one or a friend.  A calming and relaxing relaxation massage treatment that melts away all stress and leaves you refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated. 
50 minute session      $120
80 minute session      $160


Massage 3 Pack:  3 - 50min Massage of Choice $150      ($60-$95 savings!!!!!)

Lunch-time Express Massage 3 Pack:  3 - 25min Massage of Choice $99

Deluxe Massage Pack:  6 - 50min Massage of Choice $300       ($60-$210 savings!!!!)

We invite you to relax your body and mind to indulge in a new you. Schedule your relaxation today!  Click to Book Online or call 727-502-3464 (We are open 7 Days a Week)
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