Wednesday, September 19, 2012

St Petersburg Day Spa offers Vitamin C Facials an Anti Wrinkle Facial for Anti-Aging, Sun Damage Prevention, Wrinkle and Fine Line Reversal

As summer comes to an end, we have a lot of clients booking anti-aging facials and advanced skin care services that combat the effects of long beach days, sun burns and inadequate SPF coverage.  Living in Florida, sun damage is almost inevitable and it's very important that we take good care of our skin.

I'd like to share with you one of my favorite facials on our Spa Menu: the uber Anti-Aging Vitamin C Facial.

 What is a Vitamin C Facial?

Our Vitamin C Facial is designed for tired skin showing signs of atrophy and loss of elasticity, this intensive Vitamin C treatment stimulates vital functions and repairs cell damage. Skin shows immediate improvement in tone and firmness. Excellent for sun damage and premature signs of aging.

What are the benefits of a Vitamin C facial?

  • Reduces skin pigmentation
  • Restores elasticity and firmness
  • Prevents skin damage caused by exposure to sun, smog, pollution and stress
  • Helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps repair damaged cells and prevent future skin damage
Using Vitamin C topically, it is proven to be an extremely effective guard against wrinkles.  Exposing vitamin C to the skin dramatically increases the synthesis of collagen, an important structural protein in the skin. This property, as well as the effects of vitamin C on external damage, maintain healthier and more elastic skin with improved skin texture.

Antioxidant vitamin C is the most effective way to repair and prevent aging as well as free radical damage resulting from environmental exposure.  Vitamin C restores skin texture, elasticity, and firmness while fading pigmentation problems and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

Anti Aging Effects of Vitamin C Facials

The purest form of Vitamin C, ascorbic acid, is biologically tested to be beneficial for human skin.  High concentration of vitamin C is actually derived from plants that help in the human skin's aging process. The potential benefits of Vitamin C on face are diminishing effects of age spots, radiant facial complexion, smoother skin, restoration of lost collagen and reduction in wrinkles. Vitamin C is vital for overall skin health and optimal scar healing. Vitamin C plays a vital role in diminishing the effects ultra violet light damage.

Unfortunately, the body does not produce vitamin C on its own. The only way to ensure our skin gets enough vitamin C is to make sure we include enough in our diet and by using skin care products that contain vitamin C in a stable form.
Studies have found that Vitamin C can increase collagen production, protect against damage from UVA and UVB rays, correct pigmentation problems, and reverse inflammatory skin conditions and early skin cancers.

At Healthy Being Wellness Center- we offer several different Vitamin C Facials.  We offer a Vitamin C Facial, a Vitamin C Peel and a Vitamin C Laser Facial.

Please check out our website for more great anti-aging services. 
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