Monday, March 18, 2013

Eating to Combat Cellulite and other Techniques to Minimize the Appearance of Cellulite

Cellulite is one dreaded issue that so many of us ladies experience, deal with, combat and treat daily, weekly and annually. Cellulite does not discriminate.  It's not age specific, not size or class specific or body part specific-- we can have cellulite anywhere, but most of us seem to experience it around the back of the legs, butt and lower abdomen.

Usually this cellulite thing creeps in on us when we are in our teens, but lifestyle dependent with a little dash of some great genetics- we may experience it earlier or later.  It all depends.

A newer client of mine told me she got through her 30s and 40s without cellulite and than boom... she turned 50 and WHAM- cellulite settled in and is an annoyance.  For me, it's been something that I've always know would be a matter of combating my genes (thanks MOM!...) and maintaining a toxin free lifestyle to manage along with exercise and a healthy amount of sun exposure to minimize its appearance.

One of my specialties is nutrition focused on detoxification - simply put- I can help an individual eat in a way to maximize their detoxing and processing out of chemicals.   The toxic body will store chemicals in the way of cellulite... a major problem if you are prone genetically or lifestyle-wise to cellulite.

I also conduct Laser Cellulite Reduction treatments that use a frequency to break up and clear toxic waste that gets into the body and that is then stored in the cellulite/fat cells of the body.  This Laser Cellulite Reduction treatment motivates the lymphatic system to initiate the removal of toxins.

What you eat has a whole lot to do with toxin storage - aka cellulite.  Even the skinniest of people can have cellulite... part is genetic the other part is diet and lifestyle.  Diet drinks overloaded with artificial sweeteners, foods heavily processed and flavored artificially,

What to Foods to Eat to Reduce Cellulite:

  • Ginger Tea
  • Natural Sweetners (stevia, xylitol, raw sugar)
  • Raw, Organic & Minimally Processed foods (fresh veggies, fresh fruit)
  • Wild Caught Fish (Salmon, Tilapia, Halibut)
  • Seaweed Salad & Nori Sheets
What Foods to Avoid:
Highly processed foods (breads, pasta)
Artificial flavors, colorings and preservatives
Skin Care & Body Care products with chemical ingredient names you cannot products

Other Techniques to Combat Cellulite

Daily Dry Skin Brushing
  This is a technique I recommend to all my clients, even if they are not trying to get rid of cellulite.  It is an amazing for motivating the lymphatic system, a key organ in detoxification.  The lymphatic system removes trash and cellular garbage within the body.  Without the removal- these items will be stored by the body within the cellulite.

I recommend daily - at least 1x a day - before a shower, dry brush your entire body. Making circular patterns up the legs, up the arms and then sweeping motions up these extremities.  Paying particular attention to areas where there may be more cellulite accumulation.

In-fared Sauna
This is a great detox for the entire body.  The in-fared actually opens up the cells to release toxic waste.  Individuals report over 500 calorie burn during this relaxing sauna. Unlike traditional sauna's it isn't extremely hot- but you will get a sweat going and it's amazing for detoxing and moving the lymph.

Exercise is a proven method to reduce cellulite. Try a combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercise, along with eating a healthy diet.

Hormone Therapy (Balancing Hormones)
Hormones play a key role in our body's storage of fat and toxic waste.  It is proven that high levels of cortisol factor into greater storage around the mid-section and thighs. Accessing one's cortisol levels and balancing these levels will have a significant impact on one's overall health, but also will minimize the source of cellulite.

Often, I recommend to my clients a simple saliva test that measures a saliva sample 4x a day- am, lunch, dinner & eve(pre-bed) and then these vials of saliva samples are sent to the lab and within 5 business days we can begin to craft a specialized progam to address the imbalance.

Carbon Dioxide Therapy ( a newer therapy)
There are a ton of new clinical trials at major universities around the US looking at the role of carbon dioxide and cellulite and fat reduction.  
So, you may want to consider carbon dioxide therapy as a proven method to reduce cellulite. For this cellulite treatment, qualified medical personnel infuse carbon dioxide to the affected area subcutaneously. The effectiveness of carbon dioxide therapy for weight loss and cellulite reduction was greater for those in the 40 to 50 year old age group. 

If you find yourself dealing with cellulite and need some help creating a program that is specific to you and your body - please send us a message or call our office 727-502-3464.  Melissa, our resident Naturopath, conducts phone consultations with individuals to create lasting and long term healing plans. 

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