Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Louise Hay Inspired Daily Affirmations for Self Love, Self Acceptance and Healing

Good Morning Friends!

I begin this blog still in my furry robe still getting motivated with the daylight savings time changes just a few days ago.  I began to focus on my daily meditation of affirmation and felt the influence to blog about that this am.  So... hope you enjoy!

I just posted on one of my Healthy Being Wellness Center facebook fan pages the new book by Louise Hay-- All is Well.  And it inspired me to write about the fundamental power behind affirmations... both positive and negative.

We are what we think and we are the creation and force behind all of our thoughts.  We each have the power to harness some amazing good in our lives and the lives in others...just as we can in the opposite way.

For years now, Louise Hay and her work have been an inspiration and a cornerstone to my growth and path personally and professionally.  I was first introduced to her in 2003 when I met with an MD and Sufi healer to sort through a few health issues I was dealing with in my early 20s.  The healer introduced me to the power of affirmation... I was actually prescribed an affirmation to say all the time-- when my mind arose, before bed, when it wandered, when it was quite -- whenever and where-ever.  I found myself reciting the mantra as easily as I was breathing and within the 30 days, my ailment and the source of my ailment was completely gone from my body.

From that time forward, I have incorporated affirmations in my personal life and then as my career journey took me into the field of nutrition and naturopathy, I have used these affirmations with clients and have seen their power.  The reality, is that the power lies within each of us.  We just have to harness and focus on this power-- the power to redirect our thoughts to create the realities we so desire and deserve.

I've even been blessed to meet this amazing woman at one of her I Can Do It conferences here in Tampa Fl.  I was so excited and overwhelmed with emotions and gratitude I cried as I was in the short line to meet her.  I thanked her for the blessing of her affirmations and told her how they impacted my life and how I now offer them to my clients in my healing work.  She signed the only paper I had (the conference schedule) and gave me a warm hug.  I went forth with continued inspiration.  I see this daily on my desk and am reminded of this exchange with great joy.

Louise's new book details the science behind this power and the power of our subconscious mind and the brain's ability to re-adapt new neurotransmitters that create new pathways and channels in the brain to aid in healing; via new thought patters-- aka - AFFIRMATIONS!

I'd like to share a few of my favorite affirmations:
  • "Love is around every corner and fills my entire world"
  • "I am good enough just as I am"
  • "All is well and I am OK"
  • "I love myself"
  • "I am open and receptive to the prosperous flow of good"
  • "I am a money magnet"

 There are so many affirmations that are focused on health concerns or emotional challenges that folks face.  Probably some of the most trying road blocks or challenges folks deal with are the thoughts that we are not worthy, we are not deserving, we are not good enough--- emotional and spiritual crises that are deeply rooted from our upbringing and our first relationships with family, friends and loved ones.

With the power of affirmations, it is easily possible to reverse these negative and limiting thoughts... it just takes a little effort, a little focus and a lot of internal affirming self dialogue.

This is one of the first steps -- the I LOVE YOU mirror work.  It works magic - while it's admittedly hard at first, it'll open up amazing doors of self acceptance, self love and internal power.

I hope you'll try it out for a few days or even a few weeks.... the difference you'll witness in your own life will be amazing.

Many blessings as you enter this amazing journey of the power of affirmations!

Blessings....  ~Melissa :)
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